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Common Power Outage Causes

Electricity is often something we don’t think about until it is unexpectedly taken away from us. The substations and other high voltage services that keep power plants running often go unnoticed. We may not realize it, but having unlimited access to electrical power on a day-to-day basis is a big part of what keeps our society functioning on a normal routine. When that electricity is taken away, things can get complicated. The unexpected loss of power can be dangerous for communities, with consequences such as a lack of clean water, an inability to function without lights, not being able to properly preserve food, as well being forced to deal with unruly weather temperatures without access to air conditioning or heating.

So what causes a power transformer to blow, inevitably creating a loss of power for as many as thousand of people within a community?

We know that power plant owners are sometimes able to forewarn community members of a scheduled loss of power with a planned power outage. These are generally done for the purpose of maintenance and are well thought out in advance to best avoid any disruptions for the community. But what about the power outages we can’t prepare for?

Natural Causes Behind Loss of Power

There are many inevitable phenomena that can account for a loss of power. So many only have an effect that lasts a few hours, while others are a bit more disastrous and can leave cities without power for days, even weeks at a time. A few examples of what might cause a power outage are:

  • Natural disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, extremely high wind speeds, and more.
  • Lightning accompanying an otherwise average storm.
  • Car crashes. If a car were to crash into a power source, it would be likely that a power outage would follow.
  • Animals. Because we cannot control wild animals from venturing into power plants, there is no way to stop a furry friend from getting into a substation or transformer and causing damage that would lead to an outage.

These are just a few of the many potential issues that could cause an outage to a community. Because you can never know when an emergency will strike, the Equisales team offers fast track solutions. Power plant owners understand that time is of the essence in the energy industry, and our fast track solutions offer a reliable way to get back to normal quicker than most. If you ever find yourself dealing with an unexpected emergency that results in equipment damage, contact our experts. We will help you get back on track with solutions you can count on.

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