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Fast Track Power Solutions Go From Temporary to Long-Term

In a global economy where time is money, fast track power solutions are pushing conventional facilities out of the way. Independent power producers, government ministers and companies that provide high-voltage services agree that there is no contest when choosing between bulky, costly and inflexible permanent structures and fast-track solutions that are portable, scalable and available on demand.

Semi-Permanent and Permanent Power Infrastructure

These advantages have created new opportunities for fast-track equipment. In the past, modular products were used for temporary applications, such as stabilizing the grid during peak seasons and upgrades. Now, fast-track solutions are used in semi-permanent and permanent installations.

The increased availability of custom-engineered fast-track substations has created a new market that is not fully defined. With some projects lasting a decade or more, fast-track solutions are defying the idea that they are only for short-term use and small builds.

Large-Scale Fast-Track Substations

Thanks to modular designs that link multiple trailers and self-contained electrical houses, fast-track products can augment existing facilities. They can also generate and distribute large amounts of power independently. High-voltage clients have the option to use equipment as an extension of the grid or as a self-contained system that is isolated from existing infrastructure.

Modular substations are used extensively by mining and petroleum corporations because the equipment can be transported to remote sites. Once sensitive switches, power transformers and circuit breakers are enclosed, they can withstand some of the world’s most demanding conditions, including ice layers, dust storms, extreme heat and sub-zero temperatures. Due to the significant investment of building infrastructure to explore natural resources in challenging environments, semi-permanent facilities are ideal. With minimal maintenance, fast-track facilities can operate reliably for many years.

High-Voltage Solutions for Diverse Markets

Fast-track equipment is useful as an auxiliary option in mature markets, such as Europe and North America. Following natural disasters and emergencies, the equipment is available for installation in a matter of days or weeks. True short-term solutions provide power for several months until repairs are performed and existing equipment is functional or until a replacement has been commissioned. Modular trailer- or skid-mounted setups can seamlessly integrate into an existing substation or switchyard.

Fast-track equipment is an attractive alternative in emerging regions as well. A dramatic phase of power grid expansion and development is transforming the Asia-Pacific region. In some areas, fast-track equipment handles one-quarter of the power supply. Thanks to strong demand for reliable electricity, the annual growth rate for high-voltage rentals in the Asia-Pacific region is near double digits.

The Growth of Fast-Track Power

North America is still the world’s largest high-voltage rental market. The Middle East has the largest demand for fast track  power rentals with annual growth estimated at 15 to 18 percent. In 2015, the global power rental industry was valued at $11 billion. Leading researchers predict that the market will exceed $21 billion by 2020.

Utilities are still the largest users of fast-track substations and rentals. Petroleum groups and mining companies are major end-use clients. High-voltage rentals are also used in the shipping and construction industries.


Fast-track solutions have multiple benefits whether they are used in a primary substation or as a part of a solar microgrid on an island in Southeast Asia. The main advantage is that fast-track equipment overcomes the biggest obstacle, which is predicting potential growth to plan future constructions. With modular units, existing equipment can remain in place and new components can be added to meet electricity demand on short notice. No other high-voltage solution allows utility providers and industrial clients to respond to changes as quickly or effectively.

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