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Fast Track Power

What is Fast Track Power?

Skid Mounted Aux SkidFast-track power solutions are changing the global energy industry. New concepts bridge the gap between emergency rentals and long-term multi-year projects. In terms of expense, profits and time, these solutions have tremendous benefits for high-voltage clients. Fast-track substation construction is one of the most exciting opportunities in an industry that has favored under-innovated practices for decades.

What is Fast-Track Power?

Fast-track power is a newer build option that supports the rapid development of energy infrastructure. It offers mobile, semi-permanent and permanent power distribution and generation sites with build times that are measured in weeks and months. Over the past several years, fast-track developments have experienced extraordinary growth, particularly in new markets. They are also replacing conventional facilities in developed countries.

Due to space and cost limitations, many utility providers and industrial clients are considering alternatives to permanent facilities that have long build times. In many cases, several smaller fast-track sites can perform as well as larger conventional generation and distribution properties.

Fast-Track Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Vertical integration that incorporates manufacturing, engineering, assembling and transformer field testing keeps us on the cutting edge of the fast-track movement. At Equisales, our teams can complete all aspects of substation construction from planning to post-installation maintenance. We also offer stand-alone services that include transformer assembly, equipment installation, repair and custom manufacturing.

Power Generation Solutions

We are experienced in driving innovative energy developments in worldwide markets. Manufacturing staff and field personnel can supply high-voltage solutions to aid in the construction and completion of time-critical facilities. Today, we can complete fast-track builds in 12 weeks or less. Traditionally, projects of this scale required three to five years of planning, funding and construction. With our fast-track timelines, emergency replacements and high-voltage transformers can be supplied and operational in as little as 10 days.

Short deadlines from planning to completion make fast-track solutions ideal for utilities that are working to meet electricity demand in emerging markets. They are equally beneficial in mature markets where utility producers need flexible distribution systems.

Today, a fast-track transmission site can be built during a transition period and be in service before energy consumption increases. Due to their competitive cost and rapid build times, fast-track substations can deliver power during peak seasons and support constant fluctuations in energy use.

In many developing countries that experience ongoing utility shortages, the demand for electricity is growing faster than the GDP. Since energy availability and economic growth are tied to one another, meeting utility demands is essential for improving conditions in developing and expanding countries. At the same time, utilities in Europe and North America are considering alternative power generation and distribution methods that increase efficiency and reduce expenses. Due to the flexibility and competitive cost, the fast-track solutions that we provide are valuable in all markets.

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