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High Voltage Substation

Energy Procurement

High Voltage Service & Repair – Energy Procurement

Effective power supply management is essential for supporting industrial sites and providing energy to customers. When clients face energy procurement challenges, we use new ideas and big data to make market-specific decisions that maximize energy procurement budgets and revenue. If you are reviewing bids, we can work with your organization to make effective, timely development plans.

Energy Procurement Experience

Our professionals use their global power experience to achieve superior fast-track results. We consider cost, reliability and time concerns. Customized energy procurement and management plans deliver better results to customers throughout the supply chain. Because we have worked on all sides of the power sector, we can deliver results that are based on insights into complex markets. Our industry-wide experience gives high-voltage clients a strong advantage when facilities are updated.

High-Voltage Service & Repair—Energy Procurement

Strong infrastructure is critical for companies that need to expand their supply and distribution network. We understand how high-impact projects and strategically positioned substations can increase customer satisfaction and revenue, so we develop facilities that deliver benefits. With our robust high-voltage substations, new wholesale supply agreements can achieve their full potential.

When competitive bids come in after a request or offer for a proposal, utility providers must be prepared to strengthen their distribution networks. This includes building and expanding fast-track substations that can accommodate increased voltages. At critical times, effective planning reduces costs and delays. When energy availability increases, Equisales can build a fast-track substation in 12 weeks or less so that your business can maximize energy procurement opportunities.

Fast-Track Solutions for Utility Consumers

When it is time to make decisions, we analyze market conditions, energy costs and challenges to ensure that your plans are informed. New options, including fast-track substation construction and turnkey rentals, can change the business outlook for cost-conscious utility providers. Today, fast-track builds and rental facilities can reduce startup costs significantly while offering greater flexibility during peak seasons.

Industrial consumers who have been committed to costly energy procurement agreements, now have more options. Mobile substations offer greater control when facilities expand. With mobile generating units, it is possible for industrial corporations to satisfy their own energy demands while reducing costs.

Fast-Track Power Generation Solutions

Energy procurement agreements allow power generators to boost their profits. With electricity demand increasing, competition among non-generating utility providers means that prices for wholesale power are on the rise. At the same time, fast-track services are improving distribution networks and providing electricity to more consumers.

New high-voltage substations built with fast-track principles can increase the reliability of the grid while extending the generator’s reach. With our high-voltage equipment and in-house capabilities, it is possible to fulfill lucrative energy procurement proposals while minimizing the cost required to secure large wholesale clients.

To discuss your energy procurement challenges and goals, call 713-733-3999. Equisales has provided customized high-voltage solutions to global clients since 1992.