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High Voltage Substation

Vacuum Filling

High Voltage Transformers – Vacuum Filling – Fast Track Power

Vacuum filling using dielectric oil or gas are essential for the proper operation of high-voltage equipment and energy facilities. Our engineering teams and field technicians perform vacuum filling for clients who require equipment and services for high-voltage substations and fast-track power plants. We complete vacuum filling following repairs, routine maintenance and the installation of new equipment.

Oil filling is one of the final steps that must be completed before individual transformers and entire substations are operational. We have the equipment and on-call staff needed to handle jobs with fast-track deadlines. Our technicians inspect, install and assemble transformers and other high-voltage equipment. We can complete vacuum filling services exclusively or as part of the installation process. Complete and limited services are available depending on the configuration of transformer shipment.

High-Voltage Vacuum Filling

Our self-contained vacuum units are capable of filling high-voltage transformers with capacities ranging from 500 kV to 550 MVA. Units can be filled according to specifications provided by the manufacturer, the client or our engineering team. The following process ensures that oil levels support safe and efficient operation.

  • Transformer tanks are put under a high vacuum according to the unit type.
  • Oil is filtered and heated to ensure complete dehydration and degasification.
  • Purified oil is pumped into the transformer at optimal rates.
  • Temperature, quality and pressure are monitored during the filling process.

We also offer filling and reclamation services for high-voltage circuit breakers that use SF6 gas. Efficient filling services prepare new equipment for long-term operation. We process oil and use vacuum dehydrators to restore dielectric strength. When required, our vacuum equipment can drain transformer oil and prepare units for repairs and upgrades. Combining services allows clients to minimize downtime and limit expenses.

Fast-Track & Power Generation Solutions

Equisales is a full-service engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company with global reach. On fast-track builds, our integrated services reduce costs and produce significant scheduling advantages. Our transformer vacuum filling services can be customized to accommodate the requirements of clients in the energy, industrial and petroleum sectors. Self-contained units excel in all areas where speed, efficiency and cost are primary concerns.

Assembly, Installation, Construction and Testing

Our experts perform vacuum filling, oil processing and other maintenance tasks at new and existing substations and generating sites. We manufacture, assemble, ship and install high-voltage substation equipment around the world. Whether we are supplying an in-stock part or building a 100 MVA unit to the client’s specifications, transformer vacuum filing and field testing are a central part of the customized high-voltage solutions that we provide.

For more information about oil processing and transformer vacuum filling, call our office at 713-733-3999. Let us show you how our integrated vacuum filling and installation services can benefit high-priority substation construction projects.