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Equisales delivers components and engineering expertise to power plants and transmission sites around the world. We specialize in fast-track power generation, substation construction and high-voltage equipment.

At every step of the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) process, we offer responsive services. Emergency relief equipment, specialized repair services and on-demand professionals are at your disposal. Whether you are developing power plants in an ecologically sensitive area or on a remote island in the Asia-Pacific Region, our equipment, services and experience ensure that key projects remain on schedule. Access to generator step-up (GSU) transformers and mobile vacuum units as well as skilled engineers is an advantage for all time-sensitive projects. With 100 years of cumulative experience and rapid deployment capabilities, Equisales delivers high-voltage solutions that overcome all scheduling and logistical challenges.

Custom Substations – High and Low Voltage Skids

Fast-track power generation is changing the way that companies serve growing markets. Equisales is prepared to meet the evolving needs of global corporations and independent power producers (IPPs) that are building a larger presence in existing and emerging markets. We have the equipment and capabilities needed to initiate and build large-scale power plants and generating facilities in the shortest timeframe.

Innovative Modular Substations


Equisales offers customized high-voltage transformers designed for specialized substations and rigorous industrial applications. When standard in-stock items do not meet project specs, our design and build team will deliver equipment that meets your exact requirements. We supply the following high-voltage transformers.



Power Control Buildings

Our mobile power control buildings regulate energy supplies in the world’s most rugged and remote areas. Thanks to rapid delivery times and advanced capabilities, portable high-voltage equipment is used for much more than secondary substations and emergency relief. Modular power control houses with capacities up to 1,000 MVA and 550 kV are now used in metropolitan hubs and isolated sites that have installation challenges.

Power Control Building

Trailer Mounted Options


Our trailer mounted options offer fast lead times, unrivaled portability and competitive costs. Prefabricated, custom-manufactured trailers contribute to the successful completion of critical projects in remote areas. Today, energy companies in competitive markets have access to turn-key solutions that can be adapted for all types of electrical and industrial applications.

Trailer Mounted Options

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We’ve Been Around The World
Delivering Power

Equisales has responded to emergencies around the world with fast, engineered solutions based on over 100 cumulative years of experience in the design, installation and service of high voltage transformers and substations.


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500kv substation, full turnkey supply of equipment, engineering and installation. Substation supplied in support of GE LMS100 100mw gas turbine.

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