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High Voltage Substation

Vacuum Dehydrator/Oil Processing Trailers

High Voltage Oil Processing Trailers & Vacuum Dehydrators – Fast Track Power

Protect vital equipment and ensure the safety of operations with our advanced oil processing and vacuum dehydration services. Our mobile equipment and experienced field personnel are available to complete oil processing, purification and related services at power generation and distribution sites around the world. Proper maintenance and installation plans are essential when the safety and performance of electric equipment depends on dielectric materials. Equisales manages mobile oil processing trailers and offers field services that are required to maintain high-voltage transformers, switches, circuit breakers and related substation equipment.

Field Services and Equipment

Our goal is to ensure that your facility remains online and fully operational while maintenance is performed. Infrared imaging and leak detection allow us to pinpoint issues that can contaminate transformer oil. During and after oil processing, best practices help equipment meet all performance and safety standards.

High-Voltage Oil Processing Trailers

Periodic oil processing and filtration is essential for extending the life of dielectrics and high-voltage equipment. New, used and recycled oil benefits from periodic testing, filtration and degasification. Oil analysis and maintenance protects equipment and increases dielectric strength, which enhances the oil’s cooling and insulating properties. Our mobile oil processing trailers can remove sludge, sediments, contaminants and acid-causing particles. Along with degasification and vacuum dehydration, oil processing can ensure the fault-free operation of critical components.

Mobile Vacuum Dehydrators

Like our oil processing trailers, mobile vacuum dehydration units are available for rapid deployment to fast-track power sites and generation properties around the globe. Our mobile capabilities have increased dramatically as power generating sites and distribution grids have expanded in remote areas. Effective vacuum dehydration ensures that oil and dielectric fluids are free from moisture and conductive salts that decrease the insulating strength of oil and other dielectrics.

Fast-Track Power Solutions

Our mobile oil processing trailers and vacuum dehydration units are entirely self-contained, so they perform optimally in rugged and remote generation sites and high-voltage substations. These mobile vacuum dehydration oil purification systems (VDOPS) are ideal for the construction and maintenance of fast-track sites in locations with limited infrastructure and transportation options. With these advanced trailers, we can complete oil processing, degasification and dehydration operations efficiently in remotes sites when substation equipment is on or offline.

Power Generation Solutions—Fast Build-Out of High-Voltage Solutions

During equipment assembly and installation, our crews complete dehydration procedures to remove residual air and ambient moisture that is trapped within fluid and newly built coil windings. By lowering the pressure during the filtration process, moisture and emulsified water droplets are removed effectively. These fast-track VDOPS increase the performance of high-voltage circuit breakers, transformers and fluid-insulated substation equipment at new facilities.

To learn more about our mobile oil processing units or to request oil sampling and maintenance, contact Equisales at 713-733-3999. Our services are available worldwide for equipment that uses oil, SF6, silicone, polybutene and other dielectric fluids.